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Jun. 17 2013

Who are those Well Dressed Gents, & are They Looking for a Doctor in the House?

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Jonathan Palevsky and Reed Hessler were narrators for Medical Musical Group’s Flag Day/Father’s Day Concert last Sunday afternoon at the Peabody.  The musicians and singers are volunteer health care professionals such as physicians, nurses and dentists. Under the direction of Dr. Victor Wahby, the orchestra and chorus were also joined by distinguished hosts Eleanor Clift […]

Mar. 15 2013

Lakme: An Operatic Family Reunion

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Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing my niece, Laura Whittenberger, sing the title role in Leo Delibes’ Lakme at Peabody Opera Theatre. The performance brought back many memories of Baltimore Opera’s 2002 production of the same piece – my first show as a member of that company’s chorus.  Laura and her mother, Ellie, were […]