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Mar. 19 2012

“Coming to grips with the composer’s central thought”

By Judith Krummeck | Posted in Host Blogs | 2 Comments

You can tell when the big guns come to town by who is in the audience. I saw Leon Fleisher walking up aisle at Shriver Hall yesterday evening during the intermission of Richard Goode’s recital. It’s been a couple of decades since Goode played on the Shriver Hall Concert Series, and it was certainly wonderful […]

Feb. 20 2012

Shawms and bagpipes

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From time to time you may have heard us play the recordings of the Philadelphia-based Renaissance Band, Piffaro (rhymes with Figaro).  The name comes from the double reed instruments of the oboe family, which were descended from the shawms of the Medieval era. Well, the Piffaro Renaissance Band has quite an active touring schedule, and […]

Feb. 13 2012

Is this the oldies station?

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Over the weekend, I walked past a woman about my age who was chatting on her cell phone & overheard a comment that absolutely stunned me. “But why would they pick such old music? Those songs were written before they were even born!” Admittedly, I don’t know of whom she was speaking or the occasion for which […]

Feb. 08 2012

Let’s not do lunch

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | 5 Comments

Every job has its quirks. One that comes with being on the air is that as per the FCC, leaving the building during one’s show for any reason short of a fire or other disaster is not an option if yours is the name signed on the control room log.  Since I work right through […]

Feb. 06 2012

What a weekend!

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | 6 Comments

As you are probably aware, WBJC had its Winter On-Air Fund Drive last weekend. Our listeners were as generous as ever & we actually exceeded our projected financial goal for the drive, so we’re a tired, yet happy bunch this morning. Big thanks to everyone who called in a pledge – you keep the music […]

Feb. 01 2012

What a nice way to end a workday!

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | 1 Comment

A few weeks ago, I got a phone call from a man who needed me to help him ID a classical piece. That’s all in a day’s work around here, but there were a couple of unusual things about this request. First, the caller had a snippet of a recording to play for me, which […]

Nov. 21 2011

Jeanne d’arc au bucher

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Marin Alsop is a fearless conductor. For her inaugural concert with the BSO she conducted Stravinsky’s unruly Rite of Spring, then came Bernstein’s Mass, which includes a full orchestra, three choirs, actors, a rock band and a marching band, and now comes Arthur Honegger’s oratorio, Jeanne d’arc au bûcher, Joan of Arc at the Stake. […]