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Sep. 02 2012


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Noêl Coward has Elyot say in “Private Lives”, “It’s extraordinary how potent cheap music is.”  Well, I think most music is potent, cheap or not, and I was reminded of this all over again when I went to The Charles this weekend to see “Searching For Sugarman.”  My creative nonfiction professor alerted me to it […]

Aug. 29 2012

Small world

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You may have noticed that we quite frequently air performances by the French conductor, Marc Minkowski, on WBJC. He founded the group, Musicians of the Louvre, in the 1980s and  has recorded quite a substantial amount of French music with them—mostly Baroque, but also composers like Offenbach, Bizet and Berlioz.  Well, I’ve discovered that he […]

Jul. 25 2012


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As the cicada choruses begin to vie with each other, it’s an indication that we have reached the dog days of summer.  One of the things I love about living in America is how clearly demarcated the seasons are: the vibrant fall, the Christmas card snow scenes of winter, the rejuvenation of spring, and then […]

Jun. 27 2012

Sounds of Summer

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | 2 Comments

There are certain pop songs or classical pieces that will always make me think of summer. One is Prince’s “Raspberry Beret”, which I heard on my way to work this morning & thought – perfect! Not only do the song’s flippant lyrics & upbeat tempo seem appropriate for warm weather & sunny skies, the album […]

Jun. 04 2012


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I would love to be a fly on the wall when Jonathan Biss is practicing in the privacy of his apartment to see if he is as physical then as he is on the concert platform.  He is what you might call and mover and shaker in front of the keyboard–bending low, arcing back, fidgeting […]

May. 23 2012

My first time…

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Diana Ross, WBJC’s website maestra, has asked us to write about our earliest musical experience, inspired by the moving stories that have been coming in from our members. My mother’s sister was a fine pianist by all accounts (she died when I was young so I could never form my own opinion) and my mother […]

May. 13 2012

Musings on the versatility of a box with strings

By Diana Ross | Posted in Staff Blogs | 3 Comments

A recent newsletter “First Time” submission reminded me of this post…. So I brought it back around for a fun conversational piece. The violin is one of my favorite instruments (along with the cello).  I love the violin’s ability to express so many moods.  From a foot-stomping fiddle tune to mournful, soul-aching dirge, the violin […]

May. 08 2012

All about the music

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Sometimes, when you go to hear a concert it is the performer who is the star of the show.  Take someone like the phenomenal Lang Lang, for example, with his high tech performances that have him approaching the keyboard almost as if it is a computer console.  It is riveting and exciting and, almost no […]

Apr. 16 2012

Teju Cole’s Open City

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The Nigerian writer, Teju Cole, who was born in the US, grew up in Nigeria, and now lives in Brooklyn, visited the MFA Reading Program at the University of Baltimore recently, and we had the great privilege of having him visit our International Writing Workshop beforehand.  He is also a photographer and an art historian […]

Mar. 28 2012

Poulenc plays!

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I went along to the Candlelight Concert at Second Presbyterian Church on Sunday evening especially to hear Francis Poulenc’s Sextet for Piano and Winds with members of the Baltimore Symphony and Sylvie Beaudoin.  Poulenc was pretty much self taught, and he learned from the music that he liked.  He said his gods were Bach, Mozart, […]