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Oct. 28 2014

Arts and Crafts in Washington

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            The 27th Annual Washington Craft Show is taking place this weekend. One of the participants, Stephany Greene, came in to talk about what’s in store.     Related posts: Marriage of Figaro Comes to the Lyric This Weekend March 9 and 11! 6-7-12 Word on Wine. Chardonnay in Tuscany! […]

May. 12 2013

In our spare time… (part 2)

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Many of our WBJC volunteers knit or crochet, and we get to talking in Pledge Central about our hobbies.  Many of us bring along a project to show off, and we get to talking about our various fiber addictions interests. People are often surprised to find out that I also have a spinning wheel and […]

Jul. 12 2012

Mozart in Wool

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For those of you who’ve come in to volunteer during a fundraiser, it’s probably no big secret that I’m a Fiber Addict. That is to say: I love yarn and yarn related activities. I usually have my knitting with me back in Volunteer Central, but I also spin yarn on a spinning wheel, weave cloth […]