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Jan. 15 2016

“… and all the [men and] women merely players.”

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  Center Stage, never one to be stodgy in its approach to theatrical productions, is presenting an all-female As You Like It by William Shakespeare. One of the few men involved, dramaturg Gavin Witt, came to talk about it.    

Sep. 30 2014

Did he do it?

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Peter Shaffer has a lot to answer for. Thanks to him, we now link Antonio Salieri’s name to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s as someone who somehow had a hand in Amadeus’s downfall and death. It’s true that when Mozart first arrived in Vienna from Salzburg, Antonio Salieri was so well established as a court musician for […]

Mar. 13 2012

hey figaro, can your aria wait? gotta check my facebook!

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Last Sunday, Jim & I had the tremendous pleasure of seeing Lyric Opera Baltimore’s production of “The Marriage of Figaro.” We loved absolutely everything about the opera – casting, sets, costumes – well, every aspect but one: the behavior of certain audience members. Having seen the opera a few times, I’m well aware that “Figaro” […]