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Aug. 07 2013

Thought of the Day from Steve Elville

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This week, Steve discusses wealth preservation in the state of Delaware…good stuff to know!  

Jul. 24 2013

Steve Elville’s Thought of the Day…

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…it’s an important one today!

Jul. 21 2013

connectivity issues

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Hi folks! we’re having massive internet failure at the WBJC studios, so we haven’t been able to get the listings uploaded.   if you need to know what’s playing, give me a ring at 410-580-5800. I’m here until 9pm.  if i haven’t gotten the listings fixed by then, I’ll upload them from home.   thanks […]

Jul. 02 2013

Steve Elville’s Thought of the Day

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Just want to point out that our good friend and WBJC supporter Steve Elville of Elville and Associates posts a THOUGHT OF THE DAY weekdays on his Estate Planning blog page:             GOOD STUFF!

Jun. 30 2013

06/30/13 – Toccata Rundown

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6:00 PM Dietrich Buxtehude Praeludium in C WV  137 SOLO Claudia Dumschat, organ 5:04 Pro Organo 7198 6:09 PM Ludwig van Beethoven Wellington’s Victory (Battle Symphony) SOLO Steven Beck, military piano 17:01 Monument   40503 6:27 PM Miklos Rozsa Piano Concerto  Op 31 COND Laszlo Kovacs ORCH North Hungarian Symphony Orch. SOLO Danielli Laval,piano 29:53 Valois     […]

Jun. 15 2013

Engineer Bob’s Radio Gallery 2

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GE “Atomic 440” Radio  From the “Atomic” design style of the 1950’s. I saw one of these radios in an old photo of WBJC’s transmitter site (actual picture!), so I had to have one!   This GE “Atomic 440” radio has seven tubes and a selenium rectifier. There is a phono input on the back.   I […]

May. 12 2013

In our spare time… (part 2)

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Many of our WBJC volunteers knit or crochet, and we get to talking in Pledge Central about our hobbies.  Many of us bring along a project to show off, and we get to talking about our various fiber addictions interests. People are often surprised to find out that I also have a spinning wheel and […]

May. 12 2013

Classical Composer Word Search

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Classical Music Composers use CTRL+P on your keyboard and print the first page to play! Words can go horizontal, vertical or diagonal and can be found forwards or backwards. P X A R A H I H C V H Q O Q I B D T I V O C N D Y A H E […]

Apr. 24 2013

Your Spring Thing!

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One member writes in suggesting we visit Sherwood Gardens in the Guilford neighborhood of Baltimore. Taking a quick tour of their website, I found the tulips breathtaking! Their peak bloom is THIS WEEK folks! Have any of you visited Sherwood Gardens recently?  I think I might make a thermos of tea, grab my spinning wheel and […]

Apr. 13 2013

We’re testing a new feature

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I’m trying our a post-to-twitter direct feed.  This is just a test!