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Mar. 28 2013

All grown up!

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Does anyone remember this young prodigy? David Garrett certainly grew up well! aaaaaaand one more just in case you didn’t get enough eye-candy:

Mar. 22 2013

the healing properties of music

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We often hear how Mozart can make us smarter, but this article talks about the ways that music can make us feel better too! Of particular interest: “Classical compositions have calming cardiovascular effects: German researchers discovered that people recovering from open-heart surgery had lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, after listening to classical […]

Mar. 16 2013

Engineer Bob’s Radio Gallery

By Bob Lenio | Posted in Staff Blogs | 3 Comments

This Emerson radio dates back to the late 1940′s. The cabinet was designed by the studios of Raymond Loewy, famed industrial designer.  Lowey was responsible for the design of the Shell Oil logo, Studebaker automobiles, Coca-cola products and the US postal service eagle logo.  It was quite unusual for a company like Emerson to build […]

Mar. 15 2013

Thank you Food Donors!

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Thank you to all our generous food donors.  Drive after drive, these local companies come out to  support WBJC, so please think of them when you’re looking for a good local meal or service. Eddie’s of Roland Park Giant Foods Goldman’s Kosher Bakery Mister Charles’ Market The Omlette Queen Orchard Market & Café Party Plus Rental of […]

Feb. 13 2013

not getting the newsletter?

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Some folks are having issues with our newsletter getting caught in their corporate spam filters (yep, here at WBJC our very own newsletter gets caught up as spam) because we are using a third-party to compose and mail the newsletter to you. The easiest work-around is to use your personal account to subscribe.  Providers like […]

Jan. 13 2013

Classical music in film

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While browsing IMDb recently, I came across a list of 91 movies having to do with classical music.  I’ll not lie, I own Immortal Beloved.  I’m a Gary Oldman fan.  Which ones have you seen and what would you recommend I see?    

Dec. 19 2012

Fancy new things to click!

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Hi folks! I hope you like the newest little addition to our blogs… embedded media player!  When you want to listen to an interview or a Word on Wine, you can simply click the grey “play” box and the audio should play right in the very same window you are already seeing! You can still download these audio files […]

Dec. 16 2012

Royalties, Copyrights and our Playlist

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We’ve heard from many listener/members over the course of the last year about why we still haven’t posted future listings on the website… that other stations do it, why can’t we? Here’s the scoop: The agreements between the various groups involved are all so complex and uncertain right now that we just can’t/won’t risk heavy-handed […]

Dec. 09 2012

WBJC, Musicians of Mercy and BCCC concert video

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WBJC 91.5 FM, the Classical Music Voice of BCCC, and Musicians of Mercy put on a concert commemorating Maryland Manumission Day, which marked the end of slavery in the state. The concert, which took place Wednesday, Nov. 28 at the Fine Arts Theatre, featured a classical treatment of spirituals arranged by gifted Baltimore composer Benny […]

Dec. 07 2012

WBJC Intern talks about her love of robotics

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Meet Toni-Rose, our recent WBJC intern.  Toni-Rose worked closely with Engineer Bob learning about radio engineering, and here she is talking about her intentions to move into the nanotech/biotech career fields after college:   Go Toni go!!