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Dec. 17 2015

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Beethoven

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Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Beethoven’s 245th year with a cute interactive music game. Help Beethoven arrange his masterpieces in today’s #GoogleDoodle

Aug. 15 2015

Host Schedule – Baltimore Summer Antiques Show

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Once again, the WBJC on-air talent will be in attendance at the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show. Come out and say hello. Thursday August 20th 3pm-8pm Jonathan Palevsky Friday August 21st Noon-2pm Dyana Neal 5pm-7pm Kati Harrison Saturday August 22nd 2pm-4pm Mark Malinowski 4pm-6pm Judith Krummeck Sunday August 23rd 11am-1pm Dyana Neal 1pm-5pm Reed Hessler Look […]

Aug. 15 2015

Bob’s Radio Gallery #8

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This Zenith 6D030’s cabinetry was designed by Charles and Ray Eames, most known for their mid-century furniture designs, such as the Eames Chair.  Their designs utilized a process for making compound bends in plywood, which resulted in stylish products at a time when the industry was still suffering from wartime material shortages.  This Zenith radio […]

Jun. 19 2015

Got Signal/reception issues?

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We’ve gotten some calls about reduced signal around the area, and Engineer Bob said it’s due to Tropospheric Ducting.  “Huh??” I replied. from “The speed of a radio wave in the atmosphere is determined by the dielectric property of the air. This property depends on the pressure, tempertaure and humidity of the air. In general […]

Jun. 04 2015

Windows streaming is back up!

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Thanks to Engineer Bob, the Windows streaming is back up and running. Yay Bob! You may send him your thanks in the form of Coffee and Donuts… or a happy comment 🙂

Jun. 03 2015

The Met mourns Margaret Juntwait

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Press release from the Metropolitan Opera: “The Metropolitan Opera mourns the death of our radio host Margaret Juntwait, who passed away this morning after a long battle with ovarian cancer. For millions of listeners around the world, Margaret was the voice of the Met for the past decade. She was appointed to the post in […]

Jun. 03 2015

Windows media stream is down

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The computer encoding the Windows Stream has died so we aren’t getting the stream out to you stalwart listeners, and we apologize for that! While we work at getting equipment up and running, please use this link to listen on a Windows Desktop computer: The MP3 stream works without any problems (it has a separate encoder), […]

May. 17 2015

Spring drive recap – success!

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Thank you to each and every one of you who made this membership drive a success! From the 1,007 of you who pledged your financial support, to the generous food donors and dedicated volunteers, we really are truly grateful that classical music has once again proven to be of value to the Baltimore/Washington communities (and […]

May. 15 2015

Day 2 – Success!

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Day 2 of the WBJC pledge drive went pretty well! Our total day goal was $25,000 and we made: $26,211! We hope to keep the momentum today for Day 3 with our goal of $27,000.

May. 14 2015

Spring drive – Day 1

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Wow!  Day One of our Spring Drive went fabulously well!  Our day-long goal was $30,000 and the total pledges for the day were $34,132!!   We need to keep the momentum going!  Today’s goal: $25,000 Haven’t pledged yet? You can do that right here!