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Sep. 17 2016

Forbes Classical CD of the Week

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…The kicker of this release is clearly the rarely performed and rarely recorded Liebesmahl der Apostel (“The Holy Supper of the Apostles”). Written for the male choral society of Dresden, which Wagner led for just shy of three years (his immediate successors were Ferdinand Hiller and Robert Schumann), it is as a 1914 review suggested, namely that “the work surely does not rank among his

Sep. 13 2016

Book of the Day: Dark Money, by Jane Mayer

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Larry Miller reviews his pick for Book of the Day:

Jane Mayer describes how wealthy individuals have used their fortunes, often out of public view and accounting, to influence public policy in the last forty years.

Some weaknesses:

Today’s Book of the Day is Dark Money.

Sep. 13 2016

CD Reviews: Erkki Melartin / New York Polyphony

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Charles T. Downey, CD reviews: Late works by late composers Rautavaara, Henze
Washington Post, August 26

E. Melartin, Traumgesicht (inter alia), S. Isokoski, Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, H. Lintu
(released on June 10, 2016)
Ondine ode1283-2 | 56’50”
A composer as good as Erkki Melartin should be better known. I, at least, have not heard any Washington ensemble perform this Finnish

Sep. 12 2016

Ivy Bestsellers – September 12, 2016

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William Faulkner has been hitting our bestseller list for weeks, thanks to a local adult education class. This week, he hits the top spot on the list!

Absalom, Absalom!, by William Faulkner

Here I Am, by Jonathan Safran Foer

As I Lay Dying, by William Faulkner

This past week, William Faulkner delivered The Ivy’s top seller!

Sep. 12 2016

Blast from the Past: An Open Letter on Matters Gustav Mahler

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An open, but unsent, letter to Fanfare Magazine from 2011 on the subject of Lynn René Bayley and her hyperbolic review of Naxos’ box of Mahler Symphonies for the Fanfare Magazine. A bit of a rant, but I found myself amused by it, still, when I found it just now.

Dear Fanfare Editor,

I have tried, as best I can, to ignore the exacerbating reviews of Lynn René Bayley. I browse ahead in my Fanfare

Sep. 10 2016

Washington Classical Review Goes Live

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The official launch of Washington Classical Review is finally here. The site’s first article, I am happy to report, is an exclusive review of the recital by soprano Janai Brugger this past week. This year’s winner of the Marian Anderson Vocal Award performed a winning program in the Kennedy Center’s Family Theater. In addition to a complete concert calendar, there is also a news article there

Sep. 09 2016

A celebration of ‘theme and variations’

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Bach’s beloved ‘Goldberg’ is among works set for re-interpretations in the D.C. region this season.

Sep. 06 2016

Dip Your Ears, No. 214 (The Final Abbado Dud)

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#morninglistening to #Abbado’s last concert w/@berlinphil in #Mendelssohn & #Berlioz.#cl…— Jens F. Laurson (@ClassicalCritic) September 3, 2016

F.Mendelssohn-B., ‘Dream’,
H.Berlioz, Symphonique fantastique
C.Abbado / Berlin Philharmonic et al.
Berlin Philharmonic

H.Berlioz, Symphonique fantastique
(E.Varèse, Ionisation)
M.Jansons /

Sep. 05 2016

Ivy Bestsellers – September 5, 2016

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Colson Whitehead holds on to the top spot on our bestseller list.

Sep. 05 2016

Bernstein via Angers: John Axelrod in Conversation (2011)

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Originally published on WETA’s website, Tuesday, 5.31.11, in anticipation of the Axelrod-led NSO concerts of Leonard Bernstein’s “Kaddish Symphony”, with text and narration by Samuel Pisar, June 2nd, 3rd and 4th of 2011. Re-posting of this account was largely inspired by this brilliant, marvelously honest and superbly written article in the Houston Press from Shaila Dewan: “Perfect Pitch”. I