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Steve Elville

Steve Elville

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Elville & Associates engages clients in a multi-step educational process to ensure that estate and elder law planning works from inception, throughout lifetime, and at death. Clients are encouraged to take advantage of the Planning Team Concept for leading edge, customized planning. Legal Services Include: Wills, Trusts, Estate Tax Planning, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills/Advance Medical Directives, Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts, Medicaid Planning and Qualification, Estate Administration, Fiduciary Representation, Nursing Home Selection, Guardianships, Special Needs Planning for children and adults, Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and IRS tax controversy.

May. 22 2015

Today’s Thought of the Day!

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In anticipation of Memorial Day and the holiday weekend, I found myself reading the following on the Internet home page of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: “THE MUFFLED drum’s sad roll has beat The soldier’s last tattoo; No more on Life’s parade shall meet That brave and fallen few. On Fame’s eternal camping-ground Their […]

Apr. 21 2015

A Good Rule of Thumb for Updating an Estate Plan

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Authored by:  Verena Meiser, Esquire—Elville and Associates verena@elvilleassociates.com, 443-393-7696   Several years ago I heard this simple rule of thumb, which I like to share with my clients, since they like to know how frequently they should review their estate plan: Rule of Thumb: A good time to review your estate plan and update your […]

Apr. 14 2015

The First Meeting with Your Estate Planning Attorney

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By:  Verena Meiser, Esq.—verena@elvilleassociates.com, 443-393-7696 New clients often wonder what to expect from their first meeting with their estate planning attorney and how to prepare for the meeting.  Whether you already have an estate plan or are ready to set up your first estate plan, expect to have an open conversation with your estate planning […]

Apr. 09 2015

Providing Personalization to Your Advanced Medical Directive

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By: Olivia R. Holcombe-Volke, Esq. It is rare to find someone who enjoys contemplating what they want done in the event they are suffering from a terminal condition that will lead to death, or are in a persistent vegetative state, or are incapacitated and affected by an end stage condition that will continue until one’s […]

Apr. 01 2015

Disinheriting a Spouse – Statutory Limitation in Maryland

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Authored by:  Bridgette E. Becker, Esq. – 443-393-7696, bridgette@elvilleassociates.com Estate planning attorneys have clients with many different situations prompting the need for scheduling consultations to discuss estate planning.  Every so often, an attorney has a client come to their office with the intention of disinheriting a family member who would otherwise inherit under the laws […]

Mar. 25 2015

Ensure Your Pet is Cared for as You Wish

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By:  Bridgette E. Becker, Esq Elville and Associates  Did you know you can provide for your pets after you have passed away?  Approximately 60% of households in the United States currently own at least one pet.  Although many people may make informal agreements with family members or friends to care for their pets if they […]

Mar. 11 2015

The Elville Center for the Musical Arts Continues to Grow

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  By:  Jeffrey Stauffer, Director, The Elville Center for the Musical Arts 443-393-7696, jeff@elvilleassociates.com Since its inception in mid-2014, The Elville Center for the Musical Arts, the firm’s 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, has partnered with local and regional businesses such as Music and Arts, WBJC 91.5 FM, and recently The Columbia Orchestra and local schools to […]

Feb. 27 2015

Don’t Let Your Estate Planning Documents Make You a Target for Identity Theft

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Author:  Verena Meiser, Esq., Senior Associate—verena@elvilleassociates.com   Again and again, I meet with clients whose estate planning documents list their birthdates, names and social security numbers on the first page.  Since there is no need to include a social security number on any estate planning document, the practice of doing so represents unnecessary exposure and […]

Feb. 11 2015

Trusts as Useful Estate Planning Tools

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This article was written by: Bridgette E. Becker, Esq. bridgette@elvilleassociates.com, 443-393-7696     Revocable Trusts can be extremely effective estate planning tools.  Trusts can offer protection to those who you wish to leave assets to after you pass away.  When a Will is probated, those listed in the Will receive any bequest outright which may […]

Feb. 03 2015

Estate Planning Considerations for Non-Citizens of the U-S

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Written by Verena Meiser, Senior Associate, Elville and Associates Non-citizens need to be aware that some of the estate tax planning techniques commonly used for U.S. citizens are not available to them. Here are just some of the estate and gift tax differences an estate planning attorney can address and provide guidance for. (1) Gifting […]