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John Scherch

John Scherch

About John

The newest announcer and WBJC's evening and Listener's Choice host, a former heavy metal program director and erstwhile enthusiast, and Peabody graduate in voice and pedagogy, both of which he still practices. Full bio here.

Dec. 18 2017

Hello, friends old and new!

By John Scherch | Posted in Host Blogs, WBJC Listener's Choice | 7 Comments

Hi there! If you haven’t met or heard of me before, I’m John T.K. Scherch, the newest announcer at WBJC and your new evening host. In the past month or so, I’ve gotten to cover for Dyana Neal for the better part of a week and a couple of Reed Hessler’s shows (and only the […]

Oct. 23 2017

Who’s that new guy?

By John Scherch | Posted in Host Blogs | 16 Comments

If you’ve tuned in lately to a non-symphony or Met broadcast and you’ve heard a voice you didn’t recognize, it is likely that you heard me. I’m John T.K. Scherch, the new guy, the freshman, or whichever other nickname(s) my colleagues or our dear listeners decide to give me. I also understand I’m the first […]