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Nov. 18 2013

Midgette: “War Requiem:” the conversation continues

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By Anne Midgette

It’s the month of War Requiem in Washington, where two major organizations feted Benjamin Britten’s centenary with a piece that some have called his magnum opus. I had a couple of chances to talk about the piece in the Washington Post, first in a feature for the Sunday Arts section, and then in my review of the Washington Chorus performance a couple of days later (in which I tried not to repeat the earlier story, forgetting that a number of readers would not have seen the earlier story). So when it came time to review the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s performance, I was casting about for ways to spare readers hearing me yet again on the same subject, and ways I could avoid repeating myself. My husband, Greg Sandow, is a respected critic, composer and consultant who’s been writing about music in major publications for years, and since he and I have quite different takes on the piece, we had the idea of writing a joint review as a point-counterpoint debate.

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Source: Classical Beat from the Washington Post



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