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Jan. 04 2013

Rolling into the New Year

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | 4 Comments

When I was in junior high school, several friends and I used to go roller skating every Friday night. Despite my lack of athletic ability – I was the proverbial “last one picked” every time sports teams were chosen for PE class and a disaster at ice skating – I eventually got pretty good at going around and around the rink at The Skatium to a soundtrack of Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Styx, and other rock/pop acts of the day.  I was confident doing the Hokey Pokey on four wheels and occasionally attempted the limbo, but I never learned how to skate backwards – well, at least not while remaining vertical.

As I moved on to high school, I found my free time devoured by chorus, the speech and debate teams, and community theater. My skates gathered dust in my parents’ basement and I believe they were sold at a yard sale after I left for college. I didn’t lace up another pair of quads (as opposed to inline skates, which I’ve never donned; they seem too close to ice skates for my comfort) until about two years ago. Having noticed a City Paper ad for a retro skating event that would benefit Moveable Feast, I convinced Jim to dress up in80’s style (it didn’t take much coaxing; three cheers for marrying a theater person!) and accompany me to Skateland North Point. The rental skates were uncomfortable, but the music provided a wonderful trip (roll?) down memory lane and the rink’s staff couldn’t have been nicer. I even won “Best 80’s Fashion”, all while supporting a great cause.

Recently, a new friend posted a Facebook status in which she mentioned plans to go roller skating on a Sunday afternoon. The urge to hit the rink again struck like a lightning bolt and I searched the internet until I could find a pair of these beauties in my size: moxi ivy skates

My friend asked me which classical pieces or cabaret-style music I’d choose for a roller skating playlist at a private party and I was completely stumped. I know rinks mostly offer current Top 40 tunes and I’m very much out of that  loop. Even the Lady Gaga songs I’ve heard of are probably considered dated now. Still, I can’t wait until my new skates arrive and I can get rolling. Maybe I’ll even learn how to skate backwards this time around!

single moxi leopard skate



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Dyana Neal


Dyana is WBJC's midday host. Her full bio can be read here.

4 Responses to Rolling into the New Year

  • Samantha says:

    So happy for this post! I totally chickened out when it come to learning to skate backwards too. Let’s work on it together… plenty of “cool” middle schoolers can do it. We’ll make it happen.

    • Dyana Neal
      Dyana Neal says:

      Samantha, let’s go for it. I think part of my problem was that I was an uber-nerd in middle school and, as such, never had anyone to “couples skate” with, so didn’t need to develop backwards-skating skills then.

      Diana, I’m not sure I could do the Hokey Pokey without wheels now! I knew inline skates were dangerous; glad you weren’t seriously hurt. Ha, those were among my favorite skating songs, too.

      Kati, I love your playlist ideas and just might take you up on that… 😉

      BTW, my skates are backordered until March. Grr!

  • Diana Ross
    Diana Ross says:

    Doesn’t the Hokey Pokey feel weird when you’re not on skates? I was at a wedding trying/failing/flailing when I realized the weekly Skateland pilgrimage burned that into my muscle memory for better or worse.

    I could quad-skate and ice-skate backwards, but I was much better at stopping on quads. My in-line skating experience lasted into one good tumble, 3-weeks leg splint and 6 weeks PT… finally unloaded those things on Freecycle last year!!

    my 2 favorite songs to skate to were Joan Jett I love Rock n’ Roll and Queen We Will Rock You

  • Kati Harrison
    Kati Harrison says:

    I love the idea of “classical pieces or cabaret-style music” for roller or inline skating! A few pieces that come to mind, some would need to be edited, “Danse Bacchanale” from “Samson & Dalila,” Parts of the “Lieutenant Kije” suite, The “Penguin Cafe” ballet music and even “Four Pieces for Orchestra” all by Simon Jeffes, music form “The Three Penny Opera” like “The Ballad of Mack the Knife,” and “Pirate Jenny…I’ll stop now. Dyana, If you ever have a skating party, I volunteer to be your DJ 😀

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