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Jul. 04 2013

Learning the terrain

By Mark Malinowski | Posted in Host Blogs | 8 Comments

I have recently started riding my bike to work.  Not every day.  I try to do it most days, but if it’s raining, or if I have errands to run after work, then I take a pass.  Really the hardest part is getting up a half hour earlier.   A half hour may not sound like much, but the difference between 3 am and 3:30 am is HUGE.

The ride in is pretty good, as there is no traffic (very little) and it is generally cooler in the morning, although not all the time.   There have been a few mornings I have walked out the door and felt as if a warm, wet blanket had been thrown over me.  Going home is usually a bit warmer, and, of course, there is more traffic.  I found a pretty good route that takes me from Catonsville to our studios in the Reisterstown Plaza.  Takes about 48 minutes.  I don’t push it.

Once thing that is a certainty:  You really learn the topography of the area when you start riding a bike.  Hills that you never noticed in your car seem to grow when you are cycling.  The best thing about going uphill is that fact that sooner or later, you go downhill.  I love coasting.   Another nice aspect of riding a bike is that it actually gives you the opportunity to see some of the area that really doesn’t get much notice when you’re driving.   I’ve discovered some very lovely residential areas that I never even knew existed.  Lovely homes and front gardens, all things I never would have seen if I had not started riding the bike.

One added benefit of riding the bike:  I’m getting great gas mileage!

Mark Malinowski


Mark is WBJC's morning host. His full bio can be read here.

8 Responses to Learning the terrain

  • Jonathan Palevsky says:

    Welcome to the fold! I too enjoy the ride in when it’s dark and peaceful. Baltimore sure is a hilly place as one discovers when you live in Mount Washington. Catonsville may be top of the food chain…But Mt. Washington is top of the hill!


  • Kati Harrison
    Kati Harrison says:

    Hats off to you, Mark for getting up at that hour and getting up those hills on a bike. You also have a lot of twists and turns to and from work. It’s not a straight shot. The hills remain daunting to me. They say that climbing gets easier the more you ride. We’ll see about that!;) Thanks to you and JP, I have begun riding my bike to work again. Your blog is also inspirational.

  • reva jolovitz says:

    Dear Mark Early Bird-
    You are really chirping by the time I get to you at about 8 a.m. Thank you for such good company as I do my exercises in the family form-accompanied by your welcome presence and wonderful music on the radio- from which I have brought the static down to negligible- Here in Bethesda there can be much static
    Thank you anyhow for really starting the day and filling the air with life giving music and your positive presence!

  • William Dodsworth says:

    Mark, I respect your motivation to get up that early and pedal to work to start your shift. I always enjoy the music and yours is the first voice I hear as I get ready for work (my wife gets up a bit later). Keep up the good work.

    • Mark Malinowski says:


      when I first started here (about 15 years ago) I asked myself how long I’d be able to keep up this earlybird schedule, but, as in so many thing, once it’s part of your routine, you don’t even think of it as anything unusual. that is, until you take a week or two off! Some adjustment is required! thanks for the comment, and thanks for listening!


  • Dyana Neal
    Dyana Neal says:

    You’re amazing, Mark. Wish I could roller skate to work, but I think coming downhill through Roland Park might be a bit dicey, to say nothing of going home uphill on Northern Parkway!

    • Diana Ross
      Diana Ross says:

      Noooooooooo! While my tumble was from Rollerblading, I do not recommend skating downhill. One torn MCL later and I am still counting my lucky stars I didn’t break my femur… Almost, but not quite! we have good bones in my family 😉

  • Dyana Neal
    Dyana Neal says:

    Diana, your experience is one of the reasons I’m a rink skater, not an outdoor one, LOL. Maybe someday I’ll work up the nerve to roll around Lake Montebello or Druid Park Lake. 🙂

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