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Dec. 08 2012

12-08-12 Face The Music Listings!

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This week we had two winners and two well…not so much.  We loved the Beethoven and the Bartok…the Mahler seemed flat and everyone hated the Waxman…Haifetz still rules the piece…oh well.  Our panelists, John Bowen from Emanuel Episcopal, Charles Ellis from the Prince Georges Philharmonic and Dave Donovan from Pratt Library Fine Arts.


Here’s the listings…hope you enjoyed the show
PLAY DATE: Sat, 12/08/2012
5:00 PM            615
Ludwig van Beethoven          String Quartet No.  4 in c Op 18 No. 4  Lyrinx     2254
ORCH Fine Arts Quartet
24:36    C  2 5-8
5:15 PM            15257
Bela Bartok                   Violin Concerto No.  2  SZ  112         Naive      5282
COND Peter Eotvos
ORCH Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orch
SOLO Patricia Kopatchinskaja,violin
39:07    C  1 1-3
5:30 PM            219
Gustav Mahler                 Symphony No.  1 in D “The Titan”        WS         1
COND Fabio Luisi
ORCH Vienna Symphony Orchestra
55:57    C  1 1-4
5:45 PM            6908
Franz Waxman                  Carmen Fantasy (based on themes from theWarnerClas 65765
COND John Axelrod
ORCH Orch. Phil. des Pays de Loire
SOLO Rachel Kolly d’Alba, violin
11:22    C  1 14-14


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