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Mar. 01 2012

Take our survey about streaming

By Diana Ross | Posted in Membership, WBJC News | 13 Comments

We want to know how important the WBJC live streaming is to you!  If you use the service, we’d like to know some quick (and anonymous) things.  We are looking to establish a baseline of how the streaming is used, and gauge its growth down the road.

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Diana Ross


Diana Ross is not the famous Supremes singer, but she does have big hair. Working in both Membership and Operations departments, she does a little bit of everything, including administering this website. You can contact her at dross@bccc.edu.

13 Responses to Take our survey about streaming

  • Doug says:

    Took the survey, thanks – streaming is _vital_ 🙂 I work at Montgomery College in Rockville, which is within range of the signal, but nothing gets through the building. Thanks, Diana.

  • Diana Ross
    Diana Ross says:

    Thanks Doug! We’re always being asked about increasing bandwidth so that more people can use the stream, but we have no actual metrics to tell us *who* uses the stream and how. We gotta start someplace!

  • Bob Yuill says:

    I live in a fringe reception area (Port Republic, MD), and listen on my computer when the through the air signal is poor – about 1/3 of the time. I do have high quality speakers attached to the computer, which, IMO is essential for listening enjoyment.

  • Samuel W Cushman says:

    We have our radio on at home almost 24/7. But for the last 10 days I’ve listened on Windows Media Player just about every evening for several hours in Lund, Sweden. Talking to my wife every day is the only better taste of home than listening to WBJC by streaming. Thanks!


  • Alexander says:

    I especially enjoyed being able to listen when I was in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics show .

  • Peter says:

    Although we recently moved to Texas from Maryland, I started listening to WBJC Streaming. It keeps me linked to Baltimore and provides great music while I work. Thank you.

  • Louis Lazar III says:

    your streaming service is the discovery of 2011. I get WHRI from PHL but I vastly prefer your programming. on top of that, I can have it play in the background while I’m doing my office work on the computer.

    good job.


  • Lyle Jaffe says:

    My wife and I moved to Winston-Salem, NC last May. We live close to Wake Forest University where NPR affiliate WFDD is located and we also pick up the signal for WDAV at Davidson College. Both stations have classical programming, WFDD on weekday evenings and weekends; WDAV is a full time classical music station. Even though we have the good fortune of the local radio stations, we also enjoy listening to WBJC on line. It’s great to hear old friends!

  • rosalie grupenhoff says:

    The only site available is iTune which disconnects about every 10 minutes. When I attempt to use the other site you list (windows media) nothing happens. I remain a member of WBJC even though I relocated to California a year ago. However, my frustration in finding a site that will not disconnect means I will give up trying. Hope you can help since I enjoy listening.

    Thank you.

    Rosalie Grupenhoff

  • Doug says:

    @ Rosalie, you might check your computer settings… at one time I had a dialup internet service provider that would disconnect me from the internet if it did not detect any “activity” after ten minutes… something similar _might_ be what’s going on in your case – sorry I can’t point to anything more specific…

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