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May. 04 2012

Photos of our new transmitter building – At the factory!

By Bob Lenio | Posted in Staff Blogs, WBJC News | 4 Comments

The prefab building is now at the end of the assembly line, meaning delivery will be soon!








Bob Lenio


Bob is WBJC's Chief Engineer. If you have a question about signal reception, equipment or the website streaming, you can contact Bob at blenio@bccc.edu or 410-580-5800.

4 Responses to Photos of our new transmitter building – At the factory!

  • Doug says:

    Cool! How big is it, Bob? I guess it’ll be moved to the site via tractor-trailer? Where is it being built?

  • Bob Lenio
    Bob Lenio says:

    Central PA

  • Kevin says:

    Once the new transmitters are installed, will the coverage be even greater and crisper in the DC area.

    • Bob Lenio
      Bob Lenio says:

      We will be putting the same amount of power towards DC and NoVa. This is all that the FCC will authorize.
      We expect to gain a clearer, more consistent signal with the modern equipment.
      The difference should be dramatic if you are in range of our HD signal and have an HD radio!

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