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Sep. 20 2012

Time Really Does Fly…

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | 2 Comments


Nineteen years ago today, I began working at WBJC.  I can’t believe I’ve been here that long, yet it seems very strange to think I ever lived anywhere else but Baltimore. Prior to my big move (I drove 900 miles in 2 days, alone, to get here) I resided in Iowa City, where I’d attended the University of Iowa. Great place to go to school & spend a bit of time post-grad, but I’d always wanted to live in a city, so when I began to search for full-time radio work, I applied mostly to stations in metropolitan areas. I threw in a few college towns for good measure, figuring I could live & work in another Iowa City-type community for a few years if the big city wasn’t ready for me yet.

It took a year of sending resumes & aircheck tapes (those were they days of cassettes!) all over the country before I finally got a call from a guy named Jonathan Palevsky –  perhaps you’ve heard of him? – asking if I’d like to interview for a job at WBJC. A phone interview was arranged, & I guess all went well, because I got an offer, which I immediately accepted. I reluctantly said goodbye to my colleagues at WSUI & KSUI, where I’d worked for four years. My college friends had already begun to scatter around the world for work or grad school, but leaving those who remained was difficult. Still, I was headed for a full-time radio gig in a real city, so I was thrilled!

Much has changed in broadcasting over the years & I am very grateful that WBJC is still around, still playing great classical music. The fact that I’m still on the air here is the icing on the cake. Thanks to my colleagues & WBJC’s listeners for nineteen years (& counting) of support & encouragement – stay tuned!




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Dyana Neal


Dyana is WBJC's midday host. Her full bio can be read here.

2 Responses to Time Really Does Fly…

  • Doug says:

    Congratulations and best wishes, Dyana! We in the listening area are very fortunate that you and your colleagues have chosen to make Baltimore your home. I never thought of it before, but you’re quite an eclectic group – North Dakota / Iowa, Mexico / Texas, Montreal, an ex-Navy guy from Detroit who’s lived who knows where, and finally South Africa. The privilege is ours!

  • Eric Pregosin says:

    As you know, Dyana, I am not the classical nut my 78 year old Dad (by the time this posts). But I know what I like. The station you work for has played more enjoyable pieces than I have ever enjoyed in my life. And I have been only living here since November 1985. It also is staffed by very personable people, Jonathan, Reed, Judi, Kati, Mark and of course you. And I feel honored to be able to talk to you and Mark as real friends on Facebook. Hopefully that will happen in person or on the phone someday. In the meanwhile, please persuade Kati to set up a page there as well. I got dibs on her buddy list when she starts one :-).

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