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Jan. 20 2012

That’s Entertainmen?

By Mark Malinowski | Posted in Host Blogs | 3 Comments

I can’t help but worry about the state of “entertainment” in our country.  I know it’s all so subjective, but I’m bothered by the fact that some of the most popular programs on television provide entertainment at the expense of others.  Look, I’n not above a bit of “low brow” humor from time to time, but some of this stuff…

One popular program (“Hoarders”) focuses on people who are compulsive hoarders.  Some of them have had their homes condemned because the situation had gotten so bad.  They always insist that there is nothing wrong.  These are people who need serious treatment for a serious mental problem.  They should not be put on public display for the entertainment of the masses.

Another program (there have been several, actually) looks at people (often celebrities) who are in rehab centers for drugs and/or alcohol.  Once again, these are sick people trying to get well.

Of course, there are the “reality” (how “real” are they, I wonder) shows where the participants see who can get away with lying to their fellow participants the longest before getting voted or booted off.  Behavior we would find reprehensible in any other context.

Well, I suppose I could go on, but I feel the entertainment value of this piece is pushing the limit.  I know the solution is simply–don’t watch the stuff, which I don’t, now that I know what they are about.  I just wish enough people took the same course, and then we might have some better choices.

Mark Malinowski


Mark is WBJC's morning host. His full bio can be read here.

3 Responses to That’s Entertainmen?

  • Doug says:

    Interesting that you mention this; I’ve had a couple of recent discussions about it, and they were prompted by your mention the other day of Newton Minow’s birthday… his “vast wasteland” speech was in _1961_! I’m glad to know he’s still alive, because he’d be spinning in his grave today… I’d love to know how he feels about the junk that’s on TV today; also what it was in ’61 that prompted his comment. You and I are “of an age”, and as you remember, a lot of the programming back then was at least “family-oriented”, even if it was just pure entertainment (e.g. Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffith, Father Knows Best). Some of the more dramatic programming, such as Hallmark Hall of Fame & similar programming, was far better than anything on today (I guess… luckily for me, the big switch to digital gave me an excuse to stop watching altogether!)


  • Diana Ross
    Diana Ross says:

    As a communications major, we discuss the vast wasteland of TV and modern entertainment. Does the media shape society or just reflect it?

  • Doug says:

    Hmmmm, never thought about it… a point to ponder. One thing I _have_ noticed is that if a network airs a TV show that becomes a success, the other networks will pick up the format and copy it without shame… this has been going on for years, e.g. Dallas/Dynasty, the “reality” shows, the “who wants to be a millionaire” shows, American Idol and the dance shows, etc. The film industry operates similarly with all the sequels and prequels… not very original or creative, IMO.

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